Bita ForouzeshProfessional Photography:

Our mission at DIGIMALL Photography is to become life-long family storytellers. From the moment she says yes to the first kiss as husband and wife; from bringing home a newborn to the annual holiday portrait, we’ll capture the strong family bonds through each milestone.

Corporate photography, commercial photography, editorial photography, fine art photography, Adelaide photography, artist in black and white and color photography. This is Bita Forouzesh @ DIGIMALL.

For more than 10 years Bita has worked with industry’s leading professionals, corporate and agency art buyers, curators, creative directors, editors and communications departments to create unique images for sales literature, print collateral, advertising campaigns, special projects and events in Adelaide, Australia, and Asian Countries. Bita is an easy-going, disciplined and educated photographer comfortable working with all clients. She is also bilingual in Persian.