Construction & Facilities Management 3D Tours

With DigiMall technology you can create 3D virtual tours and floorplans to show your construction progress or to highlight the features of your building to prospective clients.
In one 3D modelling session DigiMall can usually (depending on the size of the structure) complete all of the necessary image captures to showcase your development. Through the use of tool tips you can also add in points of special importance to further demonstrate the features and abilities of your space.
In some cases we have seen the 3D virtual model become the central organising and marketing point of an organisation or its product.

Within the 3D model you can;

– Embed any close-up photos of issues in the right spot so they can be found and dealt with easily.
– Leave voice notes about problems or concerns directly tagged to the areas of concern.
– Show product features and reviews
– Highlight areas which can improved
– Showcase in 3D models or floorplans how clients can use your space
– Simplify maintenance by attaching operation manuals and training videos to equipment on the site.
– Streamline facilities management with embedded PDFs, videos, pictures, etc

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