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Use 3D virtual tours to bring museums and landmarks to life by exposing their full library of rich assets, embed and engage virtual tourists with tour highlights of audio snippets or video to pique interest and resonate importance.

Imagine taking your museum’s library of videos and make them instantly available in the appropriate areas of the space. Imagine highlighting key learning points of a tour through specially embedded interactions.

For any exhibit or item, add detailed descriptions, photos, videos, and interviews with artists or historical figures.

Seamlessly integrate the history of the space with old photos and videos of events that happened there, embedded in the precise spot where they happened.

Enable virtual visitors to tour the gift shop and buy mementos online.

All of this is now available and its yours to create with, contact DigiMall today

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“We’ve been wanting to release this feature for a long time, and we’re excited to see the interactive worlds you build with it!”