Custom Software and Database Solutions

Core competencies

Java, Oracle, SQL, Microsoft technologies, Perl. DIGIMALL has been building functional & elegant software solutions, including web and client server applications, since 2002. For each software project, DIGIMALL brings together business insight, best-in-class resources, superior technology, and rapid execution. Our process insures functional and elegant solutions that are easy-to-use, train and maintain. Our approach transforms difficult tasks into real-world solutions.

Experience versus Cost

Did your company decide that the one-man programming shop was the way to go,because it was less expensive, or perhaps because of a personal relationship? The result: I most cases over budget and years later – the project still isn’t done. Our company has the experience, the continuity, and the financial stability to finish your project, within budget and on-time.

Our Results: On time. On budget On demand.

Our comprehensive set of products, services and processes allows you to choose the right development path for your business – without necessarily deploying the complete software solution at once. Your software should be completed in phases, as the project evolves. DIGIMALL follows leading industry standards and practices which help define the right solution for your problem – while capturing and managing evolving requirements. It defines your database architecture and incorporates feedback throughout the project life cycle.

Building on Our Experience

Developed over time, since our team in 1998, DIGIMALL’ proven methodology for new and existing software begins with the clients vision, a requirements analysis, the design, implementation, testing, deployment of the software, & finally, the maintenance of your custom software.

The Software Project

DIGIMALL developers have developed tens of custom internet, intranet and enterprise software applications across a wide range of technology platforms and in a variety of industries. DIGIMALL custom software developers provide large & small-scale solutions including client-server and n-tier applications, web, business, & reporting applications, data warehousing, application hosting, technical support services, and more.

For Existing Software

To ensure the successful implementation of your business vision and strategies, DIGIMALL provides a complete set of offerings to build, integrate, modernize, extend, and deploy existing software and software-based systems.

Database Consulting

DIGIMALL also provides a wide range of database services for many popular databases (Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access & others). Your production database requires proper design and tuning to maintain performance. Our developers and database administrators understand the design & management of your database, and can offer extended support contracts to handle your requirements. For Existing Applications DIGIMALL reviews the technology utilized and migrates the application to a more state-of-the-art technology which can provide more stability & robustness, and improve the overall performance of the application.

For the Small, Medium Business and Enterprise markets DIGIMALL can provide a team of developers for large projects, or individual developers to complement your own software team.

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