Fax software enables fax to email

DIGIMALL provides innovative enterprise fax server solutions, we are proud to present the leading FACSys fax software integrating fax to email into an enterprise fax server.

Security and economy

The FACSys Desktop Client fax software provides security and economy. Important faxes are no longer left sitting in the open. They are protected in the user’s computer thanks to the fax server and not left at old-fashioned fax machines for others to see or take by accident.

The Fax software Desktop component is also a great time saver. No more wasted time walking to the fax machine, filling out the cover page, dialing the number, feeding paper into the machine, waiting for the confirmation slip and walking back to your desk. Not only that but you can also send multiple faxes at the same time; no need to enter the fax number in ten times.

Did we also mention no wasted paper, toner or cost to file or shred the temporary document? Simply print to fax! With routing tools provided by DID (Direct Inward Dial) telephone service, (also known in the digital world as DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)), inbound faxes can be automatically routed to a single user’s Desktop Client and/or their e-mail inbox, to a workgroup or to a folder on a network share of your choice.

Fax to email

The FACSys Mail Printer (aka fax to email application) allows you to send documents to people’s fax machines and other fax servers by using your mail application. No matter what type of email application that you use: Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise or SMTP, FACSys fax to email uses it and sends documents and attachments right to any fax enabled device. Instead of typing in an email address; you use a fax address which includes the target fax machine’s number and your fax is sent.

Emailing to Fax allows you to gather and manipulate various types of files and documents and send multiple attachments at the same time. FACSys then combines them all and sends the whole bundle without missing a beat. You can also e-mail and fax in one step as well as using the fax server from afar through a Web enabled fax server interface or even Outlook web access.

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