Fine Art print Services

DigiMall Studio is created by a team of creative people who believe strongly in making quality prints while providing amazing customer service.  In the era of huge art print corporations churning out prints by the thousands with no attention to detail, we felt there was a need in the market for quality fine art prints. We have over twenty years experience being devoted to the best quality printing, color matching, file editing and building customer relationships to give you what we believe to be the best in the business. This is why we chose to produce all our prints and packaging in-house, this is the only way to guarantee quality and keep our prints affordable.  All of our print products have been developed with the highest quality materials and technology on the market. We believe our high quality, custom size offerings and excellent customer service are what set us apart from our competition.

What Can We Do For You?

Well if you came here to print your photos, great! we are glad you are here and can’t wait to produce. If you are at Artist or Photographer, welcome, we are excited about the many ways we can help you! Feel free to read more about what we can do for you on the following contents.

We produce all of our products in-house at our production facility in Magill Rd, Adelaide. We have become a trusted  fine art printing company in South Australia, and we also have many clients come to us from other suburbs. We have expanded our customer base nationwide as we saw a huge demand for quality art prints. This is why we offer free shipping, so that our out of Australia customers don’t have to have shipping costs eat into their profit.


SELL YOUR ART!  Turn your Fans into paying customers

We are passionate about creating quality works of art that you and your customers will love!

As an artist it is a very rewarding feeling to finally complete a piece of artwork. You get into a zone when creating and put countless hours into this work of art, so to finish it feels amazing!  If creating a piece of art feels like its your child, then reproducing it, some may say, is like having a grand child. We have many clients that have taken their original oil paintings that we Digitally Capture for them. then we reproduce on HD Metal or HD Acrylic, and they are super happy to see their artwork take on a new life.  While Giclee Canvas Prints are beautiful, today’s consumers are asking for more unique medias like HD Metal, HD Acrylic and Wood to hang in their home. We are proud to be able to offer these medias at a very high quality and competitive price.

How are we different? We are not a huge “cookie cutter” fine art printer. We are a medium sized print studio with a focus on quality and customer service. We understand that artists are particular about how their fine art reproductions turn out. You’ve spent countless hours creating a work of art and hope that your reproductions will be true reproductions of your work no matter what media we reproduce your art on ……Giclee Canvas, Metallic Canvas, Fine Art Paper, HD Metal, HD Acrylic or Wood. To achieve the best results we recommend you have your artwork digitally captured via a camera system. We have found this to be the most accurate way to capture every detail and keep the colors looking as close to your original as possible. You can learn more about this service on Digital Capture at below. Once we capture your artwork we will print a proof included in the cost of your capture service, typically we print on a fine art paper or canvas to establish a base to compare to your original.


SELL YOUR PRINTS!  Turn your Fans into paying customers

We are passionate about creating quality works of art that you and your customers will love!

Ask any photographer that has printed out their personal photos and they will tell you that it is no better feeling than to hold in their hands a finished piece of artwork that they captured!  It is one thing to catpure thousands of images and put them on your website or social media for your fans to like, but to actually print it is gives you rewarding sense of completion. We especially hear this from our first time customers that print on our HD Metal or HD Acrylic, because not only are you seeing your image printed, your seeing it printed printed on a unique and beautiful media. Whether your an amateur or professional photographer, when you see your photography printed you definitely feel like a Pro!


Pricing below is for our standard products and sizes. For Custom Size quotes please contact us. We can also create custom pieces utilizing custom shapes, materials and finishes for our professional clients, call us for more details.

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