Our Dye Infused HD Metal will Amaze you!

Our HD Metal Prints are dye infused with heat directly into the metal creating a waterproof and scratch resistant print that will last a lifetime. Metal prints are available in 4 distinct finishes, Glossy White, Glossy Silver, Matte White and Matte Silver. The image quality of all of our finishes are extremely High Definition. HD Metal is ideal for photographers that want to capture extreme detail from their original image and display it with a matte or glossy finish. All HD Metal Prints come standard with 1/8″ round corners. They are finished with a 1″ black wood frame backer to give it a floating appearance once hung on your wall. Most common images we print are wedding photos, landscapes and family portraits. If you prefer a more artistic look check out our Brushed Aluminum Prints.

White is our most popular option. Photos printed on bright white are super vivid, showing every detail of the image. This is great for landscapes, wedding photos and family photos.

Digimall Pty Ltd - HD Metal Print Samples


Silver is just as beautiful as bright white. The silver shines through as the whites of your image. This looks great with photos with a lot of white, as well as B&W photos. Silver really shimmers as you walk by.

Finishing Options

Glossy, Matte, Wall Display

Our HD Metal prints come standard with a 1″ deep black wood frame backer with a wire hanger. Depending on the size of your print you will want to hang on 1 or 2 screws on your wall. For sizes above 24×36 you may wan to use drywall screws to make the print as secure as possible. We also offer custom backer options, call for more details. You will be proud to hang your metal wall art in any room you want to liven up!


Q: How long will it take for my HD Metal Print to arrive?

A: From the time you place you order it will take 4-5 business days for us to ship your HD Metal Print, shipping will take between 1 and 5 days depending on your location in Australia.

Q: What is the difference between Glossy and Matte and which should I choose?

A: Glossy is the most popular because the shiny surface enhances the image making it look more sharp and vivid, but if you will be displaying your image in direct light where the glare of the gloss is not preferred then we recommend you go with a matte finish.

Q: Will my HD Metal Print fade in the light?

A: Because the image is heat infused into the aluminum metal the inks are bonded with the metal creating a very long lasting print. Xenon Light Stability Testing has shown that HD Metal Prints last 2-4 times longer than traditional photo based silver papers.

Q: Are all Metal Prints alike, and why do you call yours HD Metal?

A: All metal prints are NOT alike, there are 2 common ways to make metal prints;1. Printing the ink directly on top of the metal or 2. Infusing the inks into the metal with pressure and heat. For our HD Metal Prints we use option 2, infusing the ink dyes into the metal. This creates a very High Definition print that is scratch resistant and water proof. We do also offer option 1 with our Brushed Aluminum Prints because some people prefer a more artistic look, but they are not scratch resistant nor waterproof.

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