Repair and Replacement of your Phone Headphone Jack


The multi-functional nature of phones has presently made it to be a widely accepted option amongst mobile phone users. Mobile phones have thus evolved from just being able to make and receive calls and messages to having many components for other enhanced uses such as touch screen, speakers, microphone, high capacity batteries, charging port, memory card slot, Bluetooth, wireless and headphone jack amongst many other. This headphone jack can sometimes develop problems which you will need to fix. You should contact DigiMall for such problems for a quick and reliable solution.
Many people now use their mobile phone for communicating, business and entertainment amongst several other uses. Using your phone for all of these uses requires feeding sound to the phone as well as receiving sound from the phone. All mobile phones thus, come with 2 types of speaker. A loud speaker, which allows mobile phone users to hear loud sound from, their phone and an ear piece for hearing while making calls.

The Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is however an added hardware to mobile phones which allows you the option of using headphone while using your phone. When you plug your headphone into your headphone jack, it temporarily disables your speaker and your earpiece allowing you to hear all phone sounds through the earpiece. The speaker can however still make sound when your phone is ringing due to an incoming call. You can also activate the speaker while making call even with your earpiece plugged in.

Types of Headphone

In this article, we would discuss the type of headphone under size and features.

Size: Headphones comes in different sizes. You thus have the option of buying any size you want at any point in time. There are the small headphones, such as the size that comes with your phone by default that are just on their own and you just fit into your ears. There are also the bigger types that have big ear muffs, which you wear over your head and covers you ears. Both sizes of headphones have the higher quality and the lesser quality types as there are small sized earphones that deliver more powerful, clean and sound music than the bigger headphones.

Features: There are different types of headphones based on features. The very simple headphones are just used for listening to music and do not have the microphone feature. This implies that when you are using this type of headphone and you have an incoming call, you would have to use the microphone from the phone to speak to the person, while you hear from the earphone. There are also other earphones that come with a microphone meaning you can use it to both receive sound and speak to the caller or the person you called. Furthermore, there are earphones that have a button that allows you to pick call on it as well as other earphones that has volume control and play pause buttons on it.

Importance of the headphone jack

The head phone jack is very important as it serves as an extra option for hearing sounds from your phone. These are however the specific importance of the headphone jack:

Use in a quiet environment: There are places where you want to use your phone but it would be rude to allow your phones to make sounds in such environment. For instance, if you are in a library, it would be wrong to allow your phone to ring out or sing out. If you are however, the type that loves listening to music while reading, you could easily plug your headphone to its headphone jack and you are good to go. You would thus be able to play your music to your own hearing alone without disturbing other people. Same is applicable when you are in a public transportation system. The fact that you love a song does not mean that there are not people, probably on that transport system that hates the song. The fact that you also feel like listening to music at that point in time does not mean that every other person wants to also listen to music at that point in time. You could thus enjoy yourself without disturbing anybody else by plugging in your headphone into your headphone jack and use it to listen to music, anywhere you want to.

Listening to songs on your phone through loudspeakers: While the loudspeaker of most phones are very effective in playing music, there are instances where you have this expensive loudspeaker whose sounds are well filtered and perhaps have very bass sounds. There are also other cases where you want the sound to reach a very large audience and the power of your phone’s inbuilt speaker cannot carry that quantity of sound. You would thus need to connect the phone to a loudspeaker to achieve that. All you have to do is get the audio cable from the speaker and connect to your phone’s headphone jack and you are good to go.

When your loudspeaker, earpiece or mouthpiece is damaged: When your loudspeaker earpiece or mouthpiece (microphone) is damaged, the headphone, connected through the headphone jack is a quick temporary alternative before you are able to get the phone to the repairer. Using a headphone can help you receive calls, listen to music and hear other sounds on your phone before you fix the speaker. If the headphone also has microphone, it can temporarily be used in place of the microphone.
It is thus imperative that your headphone jack is always in order. DigiMall that help in fixing your headphone jack when it is out of order.

Headphone jack problems

The problems that could affect your headphone jack are majorly as a result of wear and tear. This could result to your phone not sending sound at all to the headphone or sending sounds that are not clear, which sometimes could be hardly audible. When this happens, you can contact DigiMall to help you fix it.

Contacting DigiMall

You can make sure it is not the headphone that is actually faulty by testing a new headphone with the headphone jack or testing the headphone on a different phone whose headphone jack is functioning properly. When you are sure it is the headphone jack that is faulty, you should contact DigiMall to help you fix your headphone jack quickly and professionally at affordable prices. DigiMall can also fix speaker, mouth piece and earpiece problems as well as other problems you might have with your mobile phone.

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