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The traditional purpose for which mobile phones was invented was basically for making calls and receiving calls, just like their older fixed telephones does. Any form of phone therefore has often had microphones for the purpose of sending voice communications over the line. When the microphone therefore gets faulty, the person you are sending such information to would not be able to hear you. Consequently, the primary purpose of your mobile phone would become defeated. It is thus imperative to immediately fix your mobile phone’s microphone once it gets faulty. You could get this done at DigiMall quickly at affordable prices.

What is a microphone?

A microphone is a component of the mobile phone which has the ability to receive sound. It is thus used to feed in sound into the phone.

Uses of microphone in mobile phones

In mobile phones, microphones have 3 major uses. The uses include:

  • Making Calls: Making calls with your mobile phones entails speaking with someone who is at the other end of the phone and receiving feedback. The microphone is the part of the mobile phone which helps to receive whatever you say and transmit it across to the person at the other end of the phone. Without the microphone therefore, the person you are talking to at the other end would not be able to hear you, thereby cutting you off completely from being able to use your phone to communicate, except through text messaging and other internet related instant messaging platforms. You should thus endeavor to take your phone to DigiMall if you have problems with your phone.
  • Recording: Virtually every modern mobile phone which has enough memory has the ability to record audio. Furthermore, every phone with camera and substantial memory has the ability to record videos which also has audio. The microphone thus works with the recording software to record videos and audios. With the microphone, the phone would not be able to do recordings.
  • Voice commands: Some mobile phones allow you to use voice commands to control your phone. These type of phones allow you to use voice commands to open applications, turn on or off as well as change settings on the phone amongst others. The microphone comes in this case must first receive your voice, before your phone will be able to process the sound and send carry out the command.
  • Speech to Text: Some mobile phone applications are able to process sounds into text. When you have this type of application, you can dictate to your computer and it would bring it out in text form. Before the application can do this however, the microphone in your mobile phone would need to first receive the sound from your voice.

The microphone is thus a very useful part of your mobile phone and if you have any issues with it, you could get it fixed at DigiMall.

Faults your mobile phone microphone might develop

Your mobile phone microphone is prone to develop faults. These faults include:

Not receiving sound properly: There are cases whereby your mobile phone is not receiving sound properly. When you are thus talking to someone on the phone or doing an audio or video recording, the volume of the sound is always very low. This results in the person on the other sound hearing very slight sound, which sometimes, he might not understand. In the case of audio or video recording, you would find it difficult hearing what is being said when you are playing back the video. When this happens, the microphone would need to be checked and fixed.

Making noise: There are instances when you make calls, the person at the other side complains of a lot of noise. You would also observe this on audio and video recordings made on the phone. In some cases, the noise could be so much that it would overshadow your voice, thereby making the person you are talking to not to hear any sound.

Total lack of sound: The most critical of mobile phone microphone faults is when the microphone does not receive any sound at all. When this happens, the person at the other side does not hear anything you say. Same applies to audio and video recordings as you will not hear any sound for the video.

When you notice any of this faults on your phone, visit DigiMall to help you fix it.

Factors responsible for mobile phone microphone problems

The factors responsible for mobile phone microphone faults include:

  • Disconnection or partial contact: Disconnection or partial contact of the link from the panel to the microphone would lead to microphone faults. When there is a disconnection, this could result to total lack of sound, being received by the microphone. A partial contact on the other hand would lead to very low volume or noise distractions when the microphone is being used.
  • Damaged microphone: It is possible for the microphone of your mobile phone to get damaged. When this occurs, the microphone would stop working or would not work properly. It would thus need to be changed so that it can start functioning properly again.
  • Water damage: It is possible for water to damage your microphone if you allow your phone to drop inside water or other liquids as well as when water or other liquids spill on your phone. It could damage the part of the panel that functions with the microphone.

DigiMall can help you fix your mobile phone’s microphone problems whenever they arrive.

Alternative to mobile phone microphone

Once your microphone gets faulty, it is best when you take measures to repair it such as contacting DigiMall . Before you are able to repair it however, you could use an earpiece that has a mouthpiece attached. It is however not too convenient as you would have to always connect your earpiece to your phone. The fragile wires of the earpiece can also cut when you are making call. The microphone is thus an important part of the phone that should always be functional.

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