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Converting Film Negatives to Digital

Almost everything in your life is now at your fingertips in seconds on your computer or mobile device… except your old photos and negatives.

DigiMall’s negative scanning service converts and transfers your old negatives into digital pictures. You’ll receive high resolution digital pictures made from your negatives bringing your negatives and traditional photo collection into the digital age.
Your negatives will be preserved after being digitised so you’ll never worry about a fire, flood, or other disaster again. You’ll be able to view your old negatives on your computer, edit them, easily create reprints, share the family photo collection online or through email with family and friends, and everything else you do with digital photos!
Your negative scans will work just like any other digital photo you’re used to working with! We also offer photo scanning services, photo album scanning and slide scanning.

Also some rolls of film have never been developed or perhaps you have damaged prints. With DigiMall’s digital production you can finally find out what is on those old negative rolls or digitally re-produce your damaged or pixelated old photographs.

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