Product Photography Pricing

Each Product Photography Assignment is subject to a $350 setup fee.

Small Items:

$45 (per Image) for 1-30 Images
$40 (per Image) for 30+ Images

Large Items:

$85 (per Image) for 1-10 Images
$65 (per Image) for 10+ Images

Photoshoot Outcomes:

Images will be edited and cropped ready for printing/web use
Images will be renamed to match product codes (if supplied)
Images will be processed and delivered via Dropbox within 7 days
Shoots MUST be scheduled in advance
Images are supplied as high resolution Tiff/Jpeg

DigiMall on Magill Rd, we are ideally located for all commercial photographic assignments in the metropolitan Adelaide area.
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What is Product Photography?

Product photography is one area of focus for commercial photographers. Every day we look at photos of products in one form or another and somewhere it was a photographers job to photograph that product.

Different products require different approaches to photograph properly. A chrome plated product requires a different lighting setup than a bottle of wine or a wooden chair. At DigiMall we know how the lights work, how to choose the proper tool to create the best lighting for a specific product, and even some Photoshop tricks that will make your products stand out.

It is through years of experience and countless commercial photography assignments of all colours, shapes and sizes that we know how to get good sharp images with clean lighting that compliment and highlight YOUR PRODUCTS.

At DigiMall we are experienced commercial product photographers, we are more than capable of capturing the images that you require in your product brief to highlight the features of your products. Our product photographers capture in digital format (jpeg/tiff) so that your design team can easily manipulate the images for your marketing purposes.

DigiMall and our commercial photography studio is conveniently located at 328 Magill Rd, Kensington Park and we can service the whole of the Adelaide region.

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