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Business Flyer Printing That Boosts Your Brand

Flyers don’t just call a customer’s attention—they can easily shift their focus to your business and what it has to offer. Business flyer printing has been used for decades to inform both loyal and potential customers of retail, real estate, and restaurant products and services. Promotional flyers are also used to announce major changes such as a new store branch or address change. They are also easy to hand out in high foot traffic areas, letting you target specific audiences.

How to Choose the Best Paper Type

We offer three kinds of paper stock and two cardstock options. The choice will depend on your preferred material thickness and the distribution method of the marketing flyers.

Paper Stock Options

  • 120gsm paper is the thinnest paper type, with the same feel and weight as notebook paper. Recommended for those that will hand out bulk flyer quantities in high traffic areas.
  • 128gsm paper has the same weight as magazine paper, providing more durability than 120gsm paper. The best choice for those who want the flexibility and ease of lightweight paper but with additional durability.
  • 150gsm. paper is the thickest paper option available and able to withstand handling. It has the same thickness as coffee table book paper, making it suitable for handing out at small events. Customers can keep the flyer for future reference.

Cardstock Choices

  • 210gsm cardstock is much thicker than paper but still foldable. This material is normally used for postcards and greeting cards. Recommended for business flyers to be given away at store openings and small conventions.
  • 300gsm cardstock is our sturdiest and toughest material available. Its weight is normally seen on door hangers and postcards that are put on display. Works best for flyers that will be displayed at cash registers or in waiting rooms. We also recommend this material for business flyers that aim for a professional and premium look.

What to Expect With Our Coating Options

Your coating option determines the finish and feel of your business flyer design. Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from the four available options.

  • Matte gives your custom business flyers a smooth, subdued finish. It works best on designs that balance large images with lengthier text.
  • Gloss adds that extra pop to your flyer design’s colors. Expect an added sheen to the surface that reflects under a light. It is similar to the finish seen on magazines.
  • Uncoated is available for our 120gsm paper and 210gsm/300gsm cardstock. No additional shine or touch is added to make the surface writable with a pen or marker.

Whether you’re opening a new store, announcing a real estate company development or launching a product line, business flyers let you communicate immediately to your target market. We also offer folding options for those that need to store and transport flyers to several locations.

Start business flyer printing with us today. Upload your file online or use our flyer design templates to get you started. Select our free proof option so you can check on the file before we proceed with printing.