Do you want to attract clients with your product photos on Google, Yelp, Uber eats, etc? 95% of people look first at the photo of the institution, and then the menu.  our task is to photograph the dish so temptingly that I would like to eat it.

Food photography is the art of making your food look in print or on screen as amazing as it tastes! When you work with DigiMall, our food photographers or food ‘stylists’ are experienced with working with different foods and props in order to make everything look presentable and delicious!

Bita Forouzesh is a certified photographer specializing in commercial food and beverage photography. Based in Adelaide. Praised for her inventiveness and gifted insight, Bita is proud to have worked with clients in Middle East, South Asian Countries and Australia. 

With over 15 years of photography experience under her belt, Bita is known for her creativity, professionalism and attention to detail. She continues to work with top chefs, culinary artists, advertising companies and food lovers around the world that crave her aesthetic and ability to make food look mouth-watering.

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